Reach Mowers - Heavy Duty professional seriescodice: DHIS Plus 32000

The model DHIS 1000 PLUS is a specific type built for uses on banks of channels and differentiates from the standard version
for the followings particular:
The zipper of rotation has the attack of the first arm in reduced position.
The first arm is bent, type that of the excavators, says “monolithic”, this particularity increases the depth of cut in scarp, in fact in comparison to an aDHIS standard arm of the same length, this version PLUS reaches a greater distance of 2 Meters.
The second telescopic arm, with two telescopic parts, is built with an OCTAGONAL section, and not hexagonal,
for a best linearity of the telescopic arm and a greater resistance to the non linear strengths. The pomp of the
services is an axial pump and the distributor is to compensated sections, electronic-proportional, with joystick.



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