Reach mowers - Agricoltural use -codice: DHE 21000

Ligth shrub arm, for farmer uses, with 105cm. flail mower, and rotor with knife A, to cut grass and bushes up to 5 cm.
Tractor power required: from 50 to 90 HP.

Three point linkage, cat. II. PTO 540 rpm. 140mm. adjustable rear roller. Drive shaft gr.4, Locking tie rods,
Reversible rotor rotation, with kinfe type A (articulated Y knives). HP on the rotor 40hp. Hydraulic breakaway with hydraulic valve.
Cables control with 4 levers, gear pump and motor. Direct trasmission on the flail rotor.
Floating system on the first arm and on the mower.
Flail mower 105cm (TNA 100 mod.) with front chains and rear rubber protections.

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