Professional front and rear flail mowerscodice: TPA

The structure is very sturdy frame , rotor and roller support allows you to use the machine for any type of use , herbs , shrubs, brushwood , and wood up to
diameters of 8 -10cm .
The gearbox 1000 rpm , power output of 150 hp, allows the installation of highperformance tractors (up to 150 hp) ,
this ensures the safety of the shredder to perform any kind of work without any problems, heavy transmission gearbox  ensures that the great power developed by the tractor reaches the flail rotor with excellent results for the treatment of the vegetation .
The large diameter bearings , oversized with bronze cage also ensures a longer life and therefore less maintenance costs
and higher productivity.

Shredder TPA , can be provided in different types:
- TPA : basic machine with fixed frame ;
- TPA -TI : machine frame with movable hydraulic.
- TPA -DT: machine with double hydraulic movable frame to attack both reversible and front.
- TPA -RI: machine with fixed frame and rear door with roller bearing can be opened hydraulically , to perform work even in reverse.

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