Flail mowers for grass, bushes and branches - professional use -codice: TE/CP

Flail mower (semi-forestry range) for grass, branches, bushes and small trees, suitables to Midi-excavators with weights
from 8,0 to 13,0 t. and with power up to 100hp.
Max. working diameter 8cm.

Steel plat, not painted, to buil the top bracket for excavator. Hydraulic cast iron motors, reversible, without the third hose for drain line,  fitted with a trasmission belts to the rotor. Rotor type F. Strong double frame made with high quality steel (SS355-DOMEX 700).

170mm. Rear adjustable roller. Hoses with 2,0mts lenght .

Trasmission belts with SPBX type.

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